2016 – Memorial Open Results

Thanks to all of the players! 

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameDraw TypeWinnerRunner-UpThird
M30/40Men's Age SinglesMens 30+ and 40+Round RobinRajesh GangabathinaCharles MathersTom Kosc
M50/60Men's Age SinglesMens 50+ and 60+Single EliminationSteven BottcherKen SchwabChris Hikade
MD50+Men's DoublesMens 50+Round RobinJames Kressly / Jerry PrentissChris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminChris Sarmousakis / Curt Milton
MDA+BMen's DoublesMENs Doubles A+BRound RobinJames Kressly / Jerry PrentissJeff Zegna / Luke OrlandoChris Sarmousakis / Curt Milton
MODMen's DoublesOpenRound RobinBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Lee CarterAlexander Barch / Michael Hawrylak
MAMen's SinglesASingle EliminationCarl DiazSteven BottcherMichael Hawrylak
MBMen's SinglesBSingle EliminationKen SchwabLuke OrlandoErik Duricek
MOMen's SinglesOpenSingle EliminationMike GaffneyJamie HopkinsAlexander Barch

End of Season Wrap Up – 2015

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and the clubs where we held our events.

Mostly we want to thank the players that came out and helped keep the sport rolling.

We look forward to seeing you all next season.

Keep’em Low

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2016 Delaware State Doubles

Congrats to all of the winners!

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameDraw TypeFirstSecondThird
MADMen's DoublesASingle EliminationMatt Fina / Robert LevanJon Flahart / Mike SpiroPaul Atkinson / Kevin Rulis
MBDMen's DoublesBSingle EliminationDaniel Torres / Derrick YoungBrian Urbanek / Jeff ZegnaRichard Halpin / Tom Farley
M19Men's DoublesM19Single EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukeEdward Garabedian / Marty Hammond
M5060+Men's DoublesM5060+Round RobinChuck Smalley / Gus BogiatzisChris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminRichard Halpin / Tom Farley
MODMen's DoublesOpenSingle EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukeBryan Gray / Jason Colangelo


2015 Fall Open Results

Congrats to all of the players!

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameDraw TypeWinnerRunner-UpThird
M40&50Men's Age SinglesMens 40 and 50+Single EliminationMitch PosnerJon VeldmanPaul Smith Jr
MADMen's DoublesASingle EliminationPaul Smith Jr / David Willis, JrBrian Rissinger / Chuck SmalleyDina Alwan / James Wooden
MBDMen's DoublesBSingle EliminationBrian Rissinger / Chuck SmalleyBrian Urbanek / Jeff ZegnaJames Wooden / Dina Alwan
MAMen's SinglesASingle EliminationMark GrassettSteven BottcherDerek Mandichak
MBMen's SinglesBSingle EliminationMike KehoeBrian UrbanekJeff Zegna
MCMen's SinglesCRound RobinErik DuricekGregg BarleyJacob Stargatt

2015 – Delaware State Singles Results

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision Name#Draw TypeWinnerRunner-UpThird3rd Tie / 4thQuarters / 5thQuarters / 6thQuarters / 7thQuarters / 8th
M50+Men's Age Singles50+6.0Single EliminationPete FuocoBob DebargeJames WoodenJon VeldmanSteven BottcherDaniel Stargatt
M60+Men's Age Singles60+4.0Round RobinChris HikadeJames WoodenPaul - Jacques KeeneWalter Collins
M19+Men's Age SinglesMen19-=7.0Single EliminationBrian AhernTom KoscMark GrassettJeff BroadWill GreenJon FlahartAngelo Mitchell
MAMen's SinglesA10.0Single EliminationMichael Kellam Jr.Jon VeldmanJeff BroadSteven BottcherMark GrassettTom KoscBob DebargeCraig Nielson
MBMen's SinglesB6.0Single EliminationCraig NielsonJeff ZegnaAngelo MitchellDaniel StargattPaul - Jacques KeeneDina Alwan
MOMen's SinglesOpen5.0Single EliminationMike GaffneyJamie HopkinsJeffrey SnellenburgMichael Kellam Jr.Brian Ahern

We hope everyone had a great time.

Full results are available here

2015 – Delaware State Doubles Results

Division Name1st2nd3rd
Men's Doubles ? 50 +Bob Debarge / Robert SchulsingerClint Keller / Don McElroyKevin Neyer / Steven Bottcher
Men's Doubles ? 50+ ConsolationBob Ashton / Ed ReichertKevin Neyer / Steven Bottcher
Men's Doubles ? 60Chris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminDon Bates / John TinsleyRob Walcome / Jack Baran
Men's Doubles - AMichael Kellam Jr. / Jon FlahartJim Essick / Derek AlstonMatthew Fina / Harry Johnson
Men's Doubles - BBill Stoneback / Phil BartocciMichael McCauley / Pamela PriceJohn Tinsley / Don Bates
Men's Doubles ? CRichard Halpin / Mark ParrishDaniel Stargatt / Mikell Jones
Men's DoublesM ? 30+Brian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Lee CarterEdward Garabedian / Marty Hammond
Men's Doubles ? OpenBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJason Colangelo / Wyatt LeeJamie Hopkins / Lee Carter
Mixed Doubles ? ADina Alwan / Jim EssickDerek Alston / Erika HawleyChristine Allison / Jerry Smith
Mixed Doubles ? A ConsolationChristine Allison / Jerry SmithBob Debarge / Pamela Price

We hope everyone had a great time.

Full results are available here