Delaware State Singles – 2016

Thanks to all of the players!

Division TypeDivision NameFirstSecondThird
Men's Age Singles50+Pete FuocoJohn MoretzMike Wigley
Men's Age SinglesM30+Marty HammondKen MayoWilliam Smith
Men's SinglesABrendan BarkerClint KellerMichael Hawrylak
Men's SinglesBLionel GriffithMichael AttickAlexander Gablin
Men's SinglesCAlexander GablinGregg BarleyRoss Keroes
Men's SinglesOpenMarty HammondKen MayoClint Keller

2016 Delaware State Doubles

Congrats to all of the winners!

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameDraw TypeFirstSecondThird
MADMen's DoublesASingle EliminationMatt Fina / Robert LevanJon Flahart / Mike SpiroPaul Atkinson / Kevin Rulis
MBDMen's DoublesBSingle EliminationDaniel Torres / Derrick YoungBrian Urbanek / Jeff ZegnaRichard Halpin / Tom Farley
M19Men's DoublesM19Single EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukeEdward Garabedian / Marty Hammond
M5060+Men's DoublesM5060+Round RobinChuck Smalley / Gus BogiatzisChris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminRichard Halpin / Tom Farley
MODMen's DoublesOpenSingle EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukeBryan Gray / Jason Colangelo


2015-2016 Tournament Schedule

Hi all. Time to get excited for the upcoming season! As of right now we have five official tournaments lined up, as well as a Senior Olympics Tournament.

The dates and locations are as follows:

More details will be available soon.