2016-2017 Tournament Schedule

We have four official tournaments lined up this season!  There will be no Spring Open this year.

The dates and locations are as follows:


2017-17 DE State Doubles Results

Thanks to everyone for a great turnout!

Division CodeDivision NameDraw TypeWinnerRunner-UpThird
MODOpen DoublesSingle EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LaDukeLee Carter / Jason Colangelo
MADA DoublesSingle EliminationJim Essick / Paul SimeoneEric Godlewski / Jon VeldmanBrian Rissinger / Chuck Smalley
MBDB DoublesSingle EliminationLionel Griffith / Steve CastlemanSolomon White / Chris HikadeDaniel Torres / Derrick Young
M19D19+ DoublesRound RobinBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukePierre Jaquet / Wyatt Lee
M40D40+ DoublesSingle EliminationEric Godlewski / Jon VeldmanBob Ashton / Tom KoscKevin Neyer / John Hayes
M50D50+ DoublesRound RobinDavid Peckman / John MoretzBrian Rissinger / Chuck SmalleyJames Kressly / Paul Cressman