2016 Delaware State Doubles

Congrats to all of the winners!

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameDraw TypeFirstSecondThird
MADMen's DoublesASingle EliminationMatt Fina / Robert LevanJon Flahart / Mike SpiroPaul Atkinson / Kevin Rulis
MBDMen's DoublesBSingle EliminationDaniel Torres / Derrick YoungBrian Urbanek / Jeff ZegnaRichard Halpin / Tom Farley
M19Men's DoublesM19Single EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukeEdward Garabedian / Marty Hammond
M5060+Men's DoublesM5060+Round RobinChuck Smalley / Gus BogiatzisChris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminRichard Halpin / Tom Farley
MODMen's DoublesOpenSingle EliminationBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Phil LadukeBryan Gray / Jason Colangelo


2015 Fall Open Results

Congrats to all of the players!

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameDraw TypeWinnerRunner-UpThird
M40&50Men's Age SinglesMens 40 and 50+Single EliminationMitch PosnerJon VeldmanPaul Smith Jr
MADMen's DoublesASingle EliminationPaul Smith Jr / David Willis, JrBrian Rissinger / Chuck SmalleyDina Alwan / James Wooden
MBDMen's DoublesBSingle EliminationBrian Rissinger / Chuck SmalleyBrian Urbanek / Jeff ZegnaJames Wooden / Dina Alwan
MAMen's SinglesASingle EliminationMark GrassettSteven BottcherDerek Mandichak
MBMen's SinglesBSingle EliminationMike KehoeBrian UrbanekJeff Zegna
MCMen's SinglesCRound RobinErik DuricekGregg BarleyJacob Stargatt

2015 Memorial Open Results

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision NameWinnerRunner-UpThird
M50+Men's Age Singles50+Mitch PosnerBob DebargeJoerg Leinemann
M30&40Men's Age SinglesM30&40+Pete FuocoJosh ReddingerMark Grassett
MADMen's DoublesAEric Robinson / Michael LimskyRobert Schulsinger / Bob DebargeDavid Morrison / James Priar
MBDMen's DoublesBRobert Schulsinger / Vito PrinzoJeff Zegna / Brian UrbanekChris Hikade / Jerimiah Benjamin
MODMen's DoublesOpenDavid Morrison / James PriarJon Flahart / Michael Kellam Jr.John Wolven / Ken Kempsey
MAMen's SinglesATom LohrMark GrassettMike Wigley
MBMen's SinglesBDerek MandichakVardaan TandonErik Duricek
MCMen's SinglesCBill FullerJacob StargattMike Keskinov
MOMen's SinglesOpenGlenn LeibJeremy GinsbergMichael Kellam Jr.

2015-2016 Tournament Schedule

Hi all. Time to get excited for the upcoming season! As of right now we have five official tournaments lined up, as well as a Senior Olympics Tournament.

The dates and locations are as follows:

More details will be available soon.

2015 – Delaware State Singles Results

Division CodeDivision TypeDivision Name#Draw TypeWinnerRunner-UpThird3rd Tie / 4thQuarters / 5thQuarters / 6thQuarters / 7thQuarters / 8th
M50+Men's Age Singles50+6.0Single EliminationPete FuocoBob DebargeJames WoodenJon VeldmanSteven BottcherDaniel Stargatt
M60+Men's Age Singles60+4.0Round RobinChris HikadeJames WoodenPaul - Jacques KeeneWalter Collins
M19+Men's Age SinglesMen19-=7.0Single EliminationBrian AhernTom KoscMark GrassettJeff BroadWill GreenJon FlahartAngelo Mitchell
MAMen's SinglesA10.0Single EliminationMichael Kellam Jr.Jon VeldmanJeff BroadSteven BottcherMark GrassettTom KoscBob DebargeCraig Nielson
MBMen's SinglesB6.0Single EliminationCraig NielsonJeff ZegnaAngelo MitchellDaniel StargattPaul - Jacques KeeneDina Alwan
MOMen's SinglesOpen5.0Single EliminationMike GaffneyJamie HopkinsJeffrey SnellenburgMichael Kellam Jr.Brian Ahern

We hope everyone had a great time.

Full results are available here

2015 – Delaware State Doubles Results

Division Name1st2nd3rd
Men's Doubles – 50 +Bob Debarge / Robert SchulsingerClint Keller / Don McElroyKevin Neyer / Steven Bottcher
Men's Doubles – 50+ ConsolationBob Ashton / Ed ReichertKevin Neyer / Steven Bottcher
Men's Doubles – 60Chris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminDon Bates / John TinsleyRob Walcome / Jack Baran
Men's Doubles - AMichael Kellam Jr. / Jon FlahartJim Essick / Derek AlstonMatthew Fina / Harry Johnson
Men's Doubles - BBill Stoneback / Phil BartocciMichael McCauley / Pamela PriceJohn Tinsley / Don Bates
Men's Doubles – CRichard Halpin / Mark ParrishDaniel Stargatt / Mikell Jones
Men's DoublesM – 30+Brian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Lee CarterEdward Garabedian / Marty Hammond
Men's Doubles – OpenBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJason Colangelo / Wyatt LeeJamie Hopkins / Lee Carter
Mixed Doubles – ADina Alwan / Jim EssickDerek Alston / Erika HawleyChristine Allison / Jerry Smith
Mixed Doubles – A ConsolationChristine Allison / Jerry SmithBob Debarge / Pamela Price

We hope everyone had a great time.

Full results are available here