2015 – Delaware State Doubles Results

Division Name1st2nd3rd
Men's Doubles – 50 +Bob Debarge / Robert SchulsingerClint Keller / Don McElroyKevin Neyer / Steven Bottcher
Men's Doubles – 50+ ConsolationBob Ashton / Ed ReichertKevin Neyer / Steven Bottcher
Men's Doubles – 60Chris Hikade / Jerimiah BenjaminDon Bates / John TinsleyRob Walcome / Jack Baran
Men's Doubles - AMichael Kellam Jr. / Jon FlahartJim Essick / Derek AlstonMatthew Fina / Harry Johnson
Men's Doubles - BBill Stoneback / Phil BartocciMichael McCauley / Pamela PriceJohn Tinsley / Don Bates
Men's Doubles – CRichard Halpin / Mark ParrishDaniel Stargatt / Mikell Jones
Men's DoublesM – 30+Brian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJamie Hopkins / Lee CarterEdward Garabedian / Marty Hammond
Men's Doubles – OpenBrian Ahern / Mike GaffneyJason Colangelo / Wyatt LeeJamie Hopkins / Lee Carter
Mixed Doubles – ADina Alwan / Jim EssickDerek Alston / Erika HawleyChristine Allison / Jerry Smith
Mixed Doubles – A ConsolationChristine Allison / Jerry SmithBob Debarge / Pamela Price

We hope everyone had a great time.

Full results are available here

2014 – Fall Open Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Age Singles 50+John MoretzMitch PosnerJon Veldman
Men's Age Singles 60+Chris HikadeJeffrey WeissmanDonald Degraff
Men's Age Singles 19-40+Marty HammondJeffrey GalWilliam Smith
Men's Doubles AEric Robinson / Michael LimskyEdward Cwiertniewicz / John MoretzJon Flahart / Jon Veldman
Men's Doubles BJeffrey Weissman / Mitchell KeiserChris Hikade / Donald DegraffJack Baran / Pamela Price
Men's Singles AEdward CwiertniewiczMark GrassettTom Kosc
Men's Singles BJosh ReddingerSteven BottcherMitchell Keiser
Men's Singles CBrian LeonhardtGeorg CasparyErik Duricek
Men's Singles DGopesh ShettyJohn BasileEric Repas
Men's Singles – OpenGlenn LeibJeffrey GalBrad Falvey
Mixed DoublesBob Debarge / Pamela PriceJeff Zegna / Dina AlwanMark Parrish / Felice Repas

Thank you everyone for coming out!

Full results available here.

2014 – Memorial Open Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Age Singles (19-40)Rich BagolyJack ColemanJeremy Ginsberg
Men's Age Singles 50+Chris HikadePaul - Jacques KeenePaul Smith Sr
Men's Doubles – AJim Essick / Paul SimeoneKevin Neyer / Nick DowneyBrian Urbanek / Jeff Zegna
Men's Doubles –CPaul Smith Jr / Paul Smith SrBrian Urbanek / Jeff ZegnaChris Hikade / Richard Halpin
Men's Doubles – OpenJim Essick / Paul SimeoneAdam Wolfe / Rich BagolyKevin Neyer / Nick Downey
Men's Singles – AMichael Kellam Jr.Rhys AndersenClint Keller
Men's Singles -BEsteban PaezMichael HawrylakSteve Kuester
Men's Singles -DAshwin Sowmyanarayanan RavichandranRichard HalpinNick Becker
Men's Singles – OpenJack ColemanAdam WolfeJeremy Ginsberg

Full results available here.

Snowball Open Results – February 23rd 2013

Here are the results from the Snowball Open.

2013 Snowball Open Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Open SinglesWilliam SmithMitch PosnerJamie Hopkins
Men's A SinglesMichael LimskyJeremiah SmithTom Kosc
Men's B SinglesCraig NielsonPeter BrandtSteven Bottcher
Men's C SinglesMichael HawrylakSteven MarkeyJames Locke Jr
Men's D SinglesRichard HalpinWilliam BathonJames Locke Jr
Men's 40+ SinglesWilliam SmithMitch PosnerJohn Moretz
Men's A DoublesPaul Smith Jr /
Jeremiah Smith
David Gertler /
Michael Limsky
Bob Debarge /
Charles Mathers
Men's B DoublesDina Alwan /
Edwin Alston
Jeff Zegna /
Pamela Price
Paul Smith Jr /
Paul Smith Sr
Mixed A DoublesBob Debarge /
Pamela Price
Dina Alwan /
Edwin Alston
Christine Allison /
Jerry Smith

Results are also available on R2Sports.com

2013 State Doubles Results – Jan 19-20 2013

A lot of great teams playing a lot of great matches!  Check out the full gallery on Flickr!

Point's over... or is it?

Point’s over… or is it?

And here’s the results from R2Sports.com:

2013 State Doubles Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Open DoublesBrian Ahern /
Mike Gaffney
Jamie Hopkins /
William Smith
Jonathan Clay /
Alexander Barch
Men's A DoublesKen Mayo /
Ryan Hutchison
Jim Essick /
Roger Humpton
Bob Debarge /
Charles Mathers
Men's B DoublesClint Keller /
Nick Downey
Dina Alwan /
Edwin Alston
Michael Williams /
David King
Men's 30+ DoublesBrian Ahern /
Mike Gaffney
Lee Carter /
Robert Flanagan
Jamie Hopkins /
William Smith
Men's 40+ DoublesEric Robinson /
James Shulgold
Gary Jeral /
Roger Humpton
Edward Garabedian /
Keith Overton
Mixed A DoublesJerry Smith /
Christine Allison
Dina Alwan /
Edwin Alston
Bob Debarge /
Pamela Price


Fall Open Results – Nov 14th – 2012

We had an awesome turnout for our Fall Open tournament.  Here are the results:



Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Open SinglesMike GaffneyJeffrey SnellenburgPhil Laduke
Men's A SinglesEdward ShivokevichSteven BottcherSteve Kuester
Men's B SinglesBrian UrbanekDavid HellhakeJeff Zegna
Men's C SinglesMichael WigleyBenjamin GhanerSteven Markey
Men's 50+ SinglesEdward ShivokevichJohn MoretzMitch Posner
Men's Open DoublesLee Carter /
Robert Flanagan
Angelo Perilli /
Michael Schaal
Brian Ahern /
Phil Laduke
Men's A DoublesDavid Hellhake /
John Moretz
Bob Debarge /
Pamela Price
Charles Mathers /
Dina Alwan
Men's B DoublesBob Debarge /
Pamela Price
Charles Mathers /
Dina Alwan
Richard Halpin /
Steven Markey

Full results can also be found on R2Sports.com