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Tom Delle Donne

Ed Garabedian

Mary Jane Weldin


Lee Carter

Don Little

Leigh Anne Coutu


Dario Mas

John Chellucci

Jack Chelucci


  1. Quick question…I remember way back when (late 70’s early 80″s?) watching Don Little play. Did he ever loose a match in state championship play? Seems he totally dominated while he was around. Any idea what ever happened to him? I know he was Air Force out of Dover. Thanks.

  2. Don Little won at least three Open State Championships (1983, 1984 & 1985), all defeating Jack Chelucci. Don was the best Open player in DE in his era. Don was a Dental Technician in the Air Force. From DAFB, still in the Air Force, he moved to Texas, and then to Florida. I have not seen his name in Racquetball competition for the last 20 years. Thank you for your interest in our Racquetball world.

  3. Hey guys!!! Sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth for so long. I have been moved around so much while in the military (California, Germany, Florida, Arizona, Ohio). I did win several championships in the states and countries in Open and Senior divisions. I have been very busy with finishing school, raising two daughters, and inspecting hospitals that my game has grossly deteriorated. I still have my bag full and ready to go though. Funny how time (and pounds) catch up to you.
    I haven’t been back to DE since I left in 82. Say hello to Jack, John, Willie and the rest of the gang. Anyone heard from Bob Drouin?? He and I played doubles in the States?

  4. Hi All – Just for the record: Don won the De State singles 5 consecutive years, 1977 thru 1981, defeating Jack Chelucci each year in close games, often won by one point! Jack and I did beat Little/Drouin in doubles, and Jack beat Don in tournaments outside the State…but Don ruled the tournaments in Del. When Don left in 1982, Dave Mackelcan took the State Championship, and became so good that the best guys would watch him warm up in the glass court of Greenville and decline to go in to play!

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