2014 – Fall Open Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Age Singles 50+John MoretzMitch PosnerJon Veldman
Men's Age Singles 60+Chris HikadeJeffrey WeissmanDonald Degraff
Men's Age Singles 19-40+Marty HammondJeffrey GalWilliam Smith
Men's Doubles AEric Robinson / Michael LimskyEdward Cwiertniewicz / John MoretzJon Flahart / Jon Veldman
Men's Doubles BJeffrey Weissman / Mitchell KeiserChris Hikade / Donald DegraffJack Baran / Pamela Price
Men's Singles AEdward CwiertniewiczMark GrassettTom Kosc
Men's Singles BJosh ReddingerSteven BottcherMitchell Keiser
Men's Singles CBrian LeonhardtGeorg CasparyErik Duricek
Men's Singles DGopesh ShettyJohn BasileEric Repas
Men's Singles – OpenGlenn LeibJeffrey GalBrad Falvey
Mixed DoublesBob Debarge / Pamela PriceJeff Zegna / Dina AlwanMark Parrish / Felice Repas

Thank you everyone for coming out!

Full results available here.

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