Snowball Open Results – February 23rd 2013

Here are the results from the Snowball Open.

2013 Snowball Open Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Open SinglesWilliam SmithMitch PosnerJamie Hopkins
Men's A SinglesMichael LimskyJeremiah SmithTom Kosc
Men's B SinglesCraig NielsonPeter BrandtSteven Bottcher
Men's C SinglesMichael HawrylakSteven MarkeyJames Locke Jr
Men's D SinglesRichard HalpinWilliam BathonJames Locke Jr
Men's 40+ SinglesWilliam SmithMitch PosnerJohn Moretz
Men's A DoublesPaul Smith Jr /
Jeremiah Smith
David Gertler /
Michael Limsky
Bob Debarge /
Charles Mathers
Men's B DoublesDina Alwan /
Edwin Alston
Jeff Zegna /
Pamela Price
Paul Smith Jr /
Paul Smith Sr
Mixed A DoublesBob Debarge /
Pamela Price
Dina Alwan /
Edwin Alston
Christine Allison /
Jerry Smith

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