2012 – State Doubles Results

Brian Ahern makes a diving save!

Final results from the State Doubles Championship held at the Central YMCA in Wilmington, DE are now available.  We had over 50 participants attend from the Tri-State area.  Great matches, great people and great fun!

2012 State Doubles Results

Division1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Men's Open DoublesBrian Ahern /
Mike Gaffney
Jason Colangelo /
Thomas Delle Donne
David White /
Steven Simpson
Men's A DoublesJim Essick /
Roger Humpton
Matt Rusnak /
Phil Laduke
Dan Weghofer /
James Kressly
Men's B DoublesBrian Rissinger /
Chuck Smalley
Peter Brandt /
Chris Donaghy
Brian Urbanek /
Tom Kosc
Men's 19+ DoublesBrian Ahern /
Mike Gaffney
Jason Colangelo /
Thomas Delle Donne
Lee Carter /
Robert Flanagan
Men's 40+ DoublesGary Jeral /
Roger Humpton
Michael Carli /
Keith Overton
Dan Weghofer /
James Kressly
Mixed DoublesDon McElroy /
Kimberly Zemeski
Dina Alwan /
James Wooden
Christine Allison /
Edwin Alston

Official results can also be found on on R2Sports.com. Please email any errors to delaware.racquetball@gmail.com.

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  1. Is there a minimum age requirement for entering tournaments???

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