2011 – Fall Open Results

Here are the Fall Open.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mens Open Singles Mike Gaffney Toby Devore Jonathan Clay
Mens A Singles Charles Mathers Tom Kosc Ramanuja Simha
Mens B Singles Charles Mathers Steven Bottcher Tom Kosc
Mens C Singles Dudley Hackett Steven Markey Steven Bottcher
Mens 40+ Singles Marty Hammond Michael Limsky Vince Daversa
Mens 50+ Singles John Moretz Vinnie Mancari Vince Daversa
Mens Open Doubles Mike Gaffney /
Damon Chandler
Marty Hammond /
Toby Devore
Phil Laduke /
Robert Flanagan
Mens A Doubles Matt Rusnak /
Phil Laduke
Michael Limsky /
Vinnie Mancari
John Moretz /
Prince Knight
Mens B Doubles Steven Markey /
Dudley Hackett
Chris Donaghy /
Peter Brandt
Gregory Washington /
Alton Cunningham
Mixed Doubles Dina Alwan /
Don Bates
David Fendrich /
Jane Picciotti
Tom Gaffney /
Charlotte Gordon

Official results can also be found here. Please email delaware.racquetball@gmail.com with any errors.