2011 Snowball Open Results

Another great tournament!  Congratulations to all the winners!

Check out the full gallery! 

Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mens Open Singles Jason Colangelo Marty Hammond Pete Fuoco
Mens A Singles Ed Read Paul Simeone Tom Kosc
Mens B Singles Christopher McNally Charles Mathers Tom Kosc
Mens C Singles David Gurwood Samuel Mendoza Bill Fuller
Mens D Singles Samuel Mendoza John Stidham William Allen
Mens 50+ Singles Mitch Posner Vinnie Mancari Donald Acklin
Mens A Doubles David Fendrich
Paul Simeone
Don Bates
James Wooden
Michael Ohr
David Derr
Mens B Doubles Christopher McNally
David Gurwood
Jeff Zegna
Scott Dennis
Michael Ohr
David Derr
Mixed A Doubles Dina Alwan
James Wooden
Don Bates
Pam Schirmer
Chris Veale
Gillian Cobb

Full results can also be seen at R2Sports.com

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