2010 Fall Open Results

Results are ready for the Fall Open.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mens Open Singles Mike Gaffney Jonathan Clay David Austin
Mens A Singles Ken Mayo Duy Nguyen Ray Rodriguez
Mens B Singles Adam Wolfe Tom Kosc Lionel Griffith
Mens C Singles Stephen Weber Lionel Griffith Carolyn Becker
Mens D Singles Richard Halpin John Stidham William Allen
Mens Age Singles Pete Fuoco Dan Weghofer Dean Cline
Mens Open Doubles Mike Gaffney
Damon Chandler
Brian Ahern
Jonathan Clay
Duy Nguyen
Ray Rodriguez
Mens B/C Doubles Brian Urbanek
Tom Kosc
Jeff Zegna
Scott Dennis
Jason Gordon
Stephen Weber
Women’s A/B Singles Mary Chambers Pam Schirmer Gustina Davitt
Women’s C/D Singles Elizabeth Ng Kerry Keyes  
Women’s B/C Doubles Mary Chambers
Murielle Mccarthy
Kaitlyn Hanlon
Kerry Keyes
Lisa Trimby
Kelsey Chepiga
Mixed Doubles Pam Schirmer
Don Bates
Dina Alwan
Edwin Alston
Gustina Davitt
Michael Matiash
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