2010 Ken Laramore Results

Results are in! Another great tournament, congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mens Open Singles Jonathan Clay Brian Ahern Michael Schaal
Mens A Singles Phil Laduke Nick Keppel Matt Rusnak
Mens B Singles Tom Kosc Rodney Scott Sr Jeff Zegna
Mens C Singles Dudley Hackett Richard Halpin John Stidham
Mens 50+ Singles George Tuch Mitch Posner Jim Wooden
Mens Open Doubles Thomas Delle Donne
Robert Flanagan
Brian Ahern
Jonathan Clay
Kyle Myers
Michael Schaal
Mens A Doubles Phil Laduke Nick Keppel Matt Rusnak
Mens B/C Doubles Chris Sarmousakis
Ernie Lehman
Richard Halpin
Steven Markey
Randy Oswald
Jack Roth
Mens 50+ Singles Dina Alwan
James Wooden
Christine Allison
Don Bates
Chris Sarmousakis
Michele Madeksza
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